Shipping Terms

Our shipment policy depends on the state the delivery is taken, and divided into the following ways:


Home Local Delivery

For the following Deliveries assembly is NOT included, and additional fee $50-$100 may apply.

NOTE: If you have a special entrance, high floor, etc PLEASE notify us about it.

State Usual Delivery Charge

Usual Delivery time in
Local Manufacturers Nationwide Manufacturers
 NY City
 $ 50 - $ 150
 1 - 7 Days
  7 - 14 Days
 NY City (Manhattan)
$ 50 - $ 150  1 - 7 Days
  7 - 14 Days
 NY Upstate
 $ 100 - $ 300
 3 - 14 Days   7 - 14 Days
 NJ, PA (Philly Area)
 $ 50 - $ 150  1 - 7 Days   7 - 14 Days
 $ 50 - $ 150  3 - 7 Days   7 - 14 Days
 MD, DC, VA (DC area), Northern DE
 $ 50 - $ 150  3 - 7 Days   7 - 14 Days

The States mentioned above are qualified for FREE DELIVERY for orders with total over $1000.

Delivery time apply item is in stock.

Delivery Charge is applied to NY Upstate, cause we do not have a lot of deliveries there, we have to send a truck for 1-2 jobs there, which is impossible to do for free.

If the manufacturer is located close to our warehouse, your delivery will take up to 7 days, but if your order includes something from the manufacturer located nationwide *, that will take 1-7 days for us to get those items to our warehouse. After those items are delivered to our warehouse, we prepare your order to be delivered to you all the items you've purchased at once, that is why some of the deliveries take around 14 business days

If you want your order to be delivered in 1-7 days, but you have some items from manufacture located nationwide * we want to offer you the following options:
1) items in your order from manufacturer close to our warehouse will be delivered to you for mentioned delivery charges.
2) items in your order from manufacture nationwide * will be shipped to you directly from manufacture's warehouse, but those items will not be assembled and additional charges fro shipment will apply.

If local delivery takes place later then you get items shipped to you directly, we will be glad to assist you with assembly. 

* - Check each manufacturer information to see it's location.

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Home Distant Delivery

For the following Deliveries assembly is included (for wall-units, bedroom sets, wardrobes and obviously hard-assembled items additional fee may apply (approx. $100)).

We DO provide home delivery to the following states:

State Usual Delivery Charge Usual Delivery Time
 $ 150 - $ 300
2 - 4 weeks
Western part of PA, OH, IN, IL, Southern part of MI, Northern part of KY
 $ 200 - $ 300 2 - 4 weeks
WV, KY, TN, AL, MS, LA, TX (except Southern part), NM, AZ, CA, NV (Eastern Part)
 $ 200 - $ 300 2 - 4 weeks

Delivery time apply item is in stock.

NOTE: Delivery Charge is calculated according to the following scheme:
The weight of the item + Size of the item + distance to the destination
Delivery Charge for Bedroom, Sectional, Dining Sets (Table + Chairs; Table  +Chairs  + China), etc is $300.

We work with reliable carriers, but sometimes some delays may occur. We can not guarantee a certain date for delivery. Some of the delays beyond of our control and that prevents us from giving such a promise.

If you do not want to wait for your delivery 2 - 4 weeks. You may use "Other Shipments" method, but in this case you'll get curb-side delivery. See "Other Shipments" method here.

There may be times (when it is more convenient to send some items directly from manufacturers) in order to save your time of delivery. Those deliveries, unfortunately, does not include assembly, unless manufacture's shipment method includes such an option in it's policy.

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All other states (not listed above): WA, MT, ND, OR, WY, SD, NE, IA, UT, CO, KS, OK, AR, TX (Southern part), NV (Western part), KY (Southern part), ME, VT, NH, MO - DO NOT HAVE HOME DELIVERY! We do not provide assembly for those states.

Approximate delivery time: 7 - 14 days
Approximate delivery charge: $300

All shipments travel during normal business days, which do not include weekends, holidays, and other official days of rest. To estimate when your order will arrive, please use the chart below. This chart is provided for reference only and is not always reflective of true time frames. Please remember to take into account federal holidays, inclement weather, and other factors beyond our control that may affect the arrival of your order.

Ship Method Order Processing Time + Transit Time = Total Delivery Time
Next Day Air 1-2 business days 1 business day 1-3 business days

2nd Day Air

1-2 business days 2 business days 3-4 business days from order date
3rd Day Ground 1-2 business days 3 business days 4-5 business days from order date
Standard Ground 2 business days 1-8 business days 3-10 business days from order date
Free Shipping 2 business days 1-8 business days 3-10 business days from order date
All Special Orders 5-6 weeks 3-6 weeks 8-12 weeks from order date

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Above we described our main shipping  policy for regular shipments.
If your order doesn't qualify for the following shipment rules (Example: You've ordered more then 2 bedroom sets at once, or you've ordered furniture for bedroom + living room set + dining room set, etc... ) You will get a different delivery price, not $300. Delivery charge will be different with special offers and discounts.


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After the furniture was delivered to you it requires assembly. If it is Local Home Delivery we are responsible for it. If it is a curbside delivery you are responsible for assembly. It will not be difficult for you to assemble the following furniture (like sofas, coffee tables, chairs, accessories, some of the dining tables, bar chairs, etc) , in some cases you will have just to open the boxes and take out the furniture. But if you have to assemble furniture (like bedroom, wallunits, wardrobes, curios, etc) you have to be ready to spend more time for assembly and you might have to ask for help some of your friends or professionals. There is an instruction paper usually for the hard-assembled furniture, you can find each step you have to follow. But if you got difficulties while assembling the furniture don't hesitate to call us, we will help you over the phone.

We do not take any responsibility of our customer's inability to assemble furniture was received or any damage done by incorrect assembly.

Our professional delivery personal work only for "Home Local Delivery" and "Home Distant Delivery". For the states under "Other Shipments" category we do curbside delivery only. You have to be ready to ask somebody to help you to bring the furniture inside your home and assemble it for you. You can also call us to find out if there is anybody will be able to assist you with assembly from our side (additional charges may apply), but there are cases in which neither additional charge will help us to find anybody to help you with assembly.

NOTE: We do not hang on the walls wallunits, shelves, mirrors, either for the additional fee, because we don't have such a permission and moreover this type of service requires additional insurance. Your walls might have electrical wires which can be damaged by incorrect hanging.
We do not provide services we are not sure we are not able to provide you with! Though you have to be ready to find a professional to assist you, or contact your supervisor of the building (in the most buildings supervisors have license to provide you with this type of service).
This service is not included in your delivery charge, but all items need to be hanged on the wall will be assembled by our delivery personal and set to suitable place in your apartment (house).

Read carefully our "Terms and Conditions"!

Published: December, 2009

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